Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 7

Do you read? What are your favorite books?

My reading all began as a little girl who hid in her room and read every book (age appropriate) to escape from reality. To name a few of my favorites: Little House on the Prairie series, Secret Garden, Rin Tin Tin, James and the Giant Peach, Charlotte's Web, Black Beauty. I read day in and day out. I was getting bored with kid books, so at the rip age of 12 I picked up my first romance novel by Danielle Steele. I began reading every book she had written until I caught up to her and had to wait for her to publish another one. I honestly don't remember what I read in the meantime, I am sure there was something.

So my reading continued right through to my adult life. As I got older I changed genre and went from romance novels to mysteries/thrillers. My favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Robert Parker, Faye Kellerman - the list could go on but I don't read much anymore since I don't need to read to escape, it's now a true lack of time and I much prefer interacting with people then sticking my nose in a book and shutting the world out.

Thank God for therapy!!!

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Jack Graves said...

Have you ever read the Anne of Green Gables series when you were young? That took place where I grew up on Prince Edward Island in Canada.