Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Did you ever wonder who St. Valentine was and why we celebrate Valentine's Day?  Well I did and found this website loaded with information.  So if you are interested, head on over to for all your Valentine information.

A picture display of my favorite things on Valentine's Day!

Nothing like a movie!

Valentines is not Valentines without conversation hearts

Now a dozen of these would be nice


A card would surely do

Can't forget the chocolate

I am a kid at heart, love balloons




Tell me what some or all of your favorite things are.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and I hope all your dreams come true!!


Matty said...

My wife is very much the romantic type, and as such, expects all the usual romantic gestures. Sunday, we have dinner reservations that I made at a swanky restaurant. We are dressing up for the occasion. During dinner, I will give her a card, jewelry, and a home made gift. Interesting things though, is that she does not like roses or chocolate. Not that I'm complaining, since regular flowers don't cost as much.

Enjoy your day.

Tina said...

honestly... not really a big "Valentine's Day" girl..
doesn't matter to me either way, not that i wouldn't like the flowers , eat the chocolates or a yummy dinner. but if it didn't happen i would be ok with it too ( i swear )

happy valentine's day