Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Referral Program


All you expert bloggers out there, I need your advise. Help me to understand or shed some light as to why not one, zero, zilch, zippo persons have registered to be a part of my referral program. I put a lot of thought into the program, making it a win-win situation (I thought!). But apparently there is something wrong.

Whether it be
  • not enough exposure to my blog
  • leariness of the program
  • don't like Scentsy
  • all around bad idea
  • program isn't clear
  • not user friendly
  • not secure enough (information wise)

Tell me why you would or wouldn't register to be a part of the program? All thoughts, ideas, comments and criticisms are welcome.


Miss Madras said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Ok, here are my two scents.....(my attempt at funny this morning)
Perhaps not enough people realize you have the program, or where to find the website to order/refer people to. You could also try partnering with other bloggers to spread the word through a small giveaway, and discount code for their readers....

Kirsten said...

I will give that some thought! I do think it is a "marketing" issue.

Kim said...

What's funny is that I just left you a comment over at your other blog about the referral program. Since I live so far away from you is this a program that can be done long distance? Also I agree...partner with other bloggers. :) I'd love to be one.

**Nicole** said...

I think it sounds like a great plan :) I think your blog didn't have enough exposure before (doing the giveaway is a sure fire way to up your blog reading...it's how I came here!!!!) so good job for that idea! Hopefully it'll start bringing you more traffic, also as mentioned before I'd make sure your referral program is somewhere nice and prominent..I didn't notice it till I scrolled all the way down here and read this post :) Good luck!!! :D

justicecw said...

I think it is a good idea. Great that you are thinking outside the box because there are so many people selling that customers will have to go with the best deal. I really liked the 20% first order coupon you sent with the sample...I will definately be using that when I can!

**Nicole** said...

I just signed up!!! :)

**Nicole** said...

For me another part of what the problem might be is I know a TON of people (in Wyoming, not so much here in North Carolina) who are already selling Scentsy so I had a hard time coming up with people who wouldn't already have a "Scentsy Lady" but would be interested in the product.

**Nicole** said...

From filling out your form and looking around at the referal blog itself I don't think the problem is at all the user friendliness or the concept not being clear :) You did a great job of setting it up!

Kim said...

Just got your email answering my questions. Thank you! :)

I'm going to gather up some of my friends names and information and get them to you. Woo Hoo! :)

**Nicole** said...

I got your email, thanks! For other people that I wish to refer should I just email their names and email address to you?

Jauna said...

I agree you need to pair up with other blogs. there are quite a few big ones out there. and make a button if you have a button people can add to their blog and they click on it and links back to yours it helps alot!