Sunday, August 16, 2009

Constructive Criticism!

In conjunction with my first post, Kirsten NOT Kristen, I must write about my most recent "Kristen" experience. Names have been changed to protect the reputation of people and blogs. This post is in no way meant to hurt anyone or cause upset. I apologize should anyone takes offense. I am writing this purely to help reviewers in the future.

I recently posted a discussion to gain reviews for my Scentsy Wickless Candle products. I must say, what an awesome response I got - quite inundated 30+. As I am reading through the replies, trying to decide whom I would like to utilize for my PR, I read: Kristen, I am very interested in learning more about your product or Kristen, I have heard about Scentsy products, Hi Kristen! I would love to review Scentsy wickless candles . . . and those are just a few. I passed over those replies immediately.

Let me just say to those reviewers who are looking for business...please pay more attention to not just the person's name but also your delivery message. I am offering this information because I, too, want you to succeed. I am sure you feel you are giving 100% and can't help to wonder why you are not being engaged in the actual PR. There could be lots of reasons, but from a sellers point of view I offer up these suggestions:

  1. When addressing the seller personally, make sure you spell their name correctly.
  2. Put more into your replies, not just "I am interested too" - tell us why you would enjoy doing the review. It let's us know that your going to benefit or possibly like the product enough to tell your friends and give a rave review.
  3. You are offering a service, be professional. Your replies show whether you take what you do seriously.
  4. Stats are important as well
  5. ...and lastly don't beg

I hope you found this post more useful than "reviewer" bashing. Not what I wanted to portray. Take it for what it's worth and may your review responses be more calculated.

Did you find this useful? Please leave comments and questions. I reply to all!


Magaly Guerrero said...

I believe this is a very beneficial advise. What can one expect from a reviewer who doesn't pay enough attention to details to even get a name right?

My name is not very common, so I get called (spoken and written) all kinds of stuff. It bothers me. Simply. I also dislike people give me a nickname in a lazy attempt to not have to say my name.

Very good post.

I stopped by from SITS to leave you some comment love ;)

Beth in NC said...

Just coming over from SITS. I'm sure it is annoying to have someone slaughter your name. I hope people take your advice with the heart it was given.

Have a great day Kirsten.

The Scent Lady said...

Totally understand where you're coming from. People keep calling me Susan even though I've told them a million times that my name is Sue NOT Susan.

Kim said...

First off....gee I hope it wasn't me. I try so hard to get it right. :)

Second...great advice and no, I don't think you stepped on any toes.

justicecw said...

Good advice! I get really annoyed when people mispronounce my name when it is right in front of them!!!

**Nicole** said...

Yowch!!!! (not to you!!!) but to them! I mean...the name of your BLOG is Kirsten NOT Kristen...come on people! My name is Nicole Elliott which seems like it would be pretty simple but I constantly get Nichole Elliot I know how annoying having your name slaughtered can be! I think you are totally right in this post and hopefully it'll give the reviewers some good insights in what NOT to do from now on!

Kim said...

You know I've been thinking about this on several levels and view points.

I know as a teacher (long ago) I used to feel awful it I mispronounced someones name. I also know as a sales person I felt just horrible when it happened then too. But I was also saying thousands of names a day and I knew that I was going to get at least one wrong.

Now if it's a person that you see quite often that would be another thing.

I don't know...just another perspective I guess. :)

justicecw said...

People need to be more careful with details in general and concentrate more. I just got a ticket in the mail because my boyfriend when though and Illinois toll without paying because he was not paying attention!!!

Jauna said...

I cannot ditto your comments and thoughts enough. I HATE when my name is mispronounced (looks like juana.. jauna but is said like john-uh) It is NOT fun, if i get a phone call asking for juana I usually ignore it tnd tell them she doesnt live here. lol.