Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Post

I just re-read some of my past posts - did you notice some words missing?  My gawd, I need a proofer - anyone willing to be my editor in chief?  Thank gawd there aren't any typos - I would have had to shut this blog down.

Did you know today was National Beaver Day?  Don't believe me, check it out:

Now onto another Kirsten NOT Kristen situation.  I know the picture is a little faint in color, but if you look real close at the lower portion of the picture you will see my named spelled correctly - twice even.  Only because it system generated, but still.  The human responder then chooses to replicate my name and spells it wrong or did they, maybe they think my name is Kristen or are they just not PAYING ATTENTION?  Exactly how does one look at a persons name and then types something different.   Do you ever hear people call Kirstie Allie, Kristie or Kris or Kay or Katherine.  I think NOT!  Mind you I am laughing hysterically.  But in all honesty, it's rediculous that I go through this day in and day out.


Jack Graves said...

I strongly suggest therapy...

you think you have it bed? Try being called Jack and your name mean all kinds of things or adjectives. For example, I'm going to jack you up. Hey, I have a flat tire do you have a spare jack (seriously, who carries a spare jack? One is usually enough) You don't know Jack sh*t (real nice, I'm named after some poop guy)

Kirsten Cunningham said...

I suppose it could be worse if your name was "Dick".