Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 24

Skipping Day 22 and 23.  You don't need to see a picture of what I wore today.  Nor am I going to write a letter to someone. 

Day 24 - 7 things that cross my mind a lot

  1. My daughter - I never stop think about how she is doing.  College is going to be torture.
  2. How I can be a better person.  Can I be any more funnier, more outgoing, more silly
  3. Finances - 'nuff said
  4. Work - how can it not, I am there 5 days a week
  5. Getting a chance to visit my friends/family out-of-state
  6. My husbands job
  7. Food

1 comment:

Jack Graves said...

Do you really think you could be funnier? Tell me your secret because I need to break out of my shell.

I think getting away and visiting friends and family is great for the soul!