Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 3

Describe Day 3 in detail - which was when?? Wednesday? I am going to include the whole week, and not in detail because I don't remember in detail what happened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to tell it to you on Friday. I can barely remember this morning.

This entire week was dedicated to a Train the Trainer session. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Kidding - it is when an official trainer of a company comes in to train you, so you in turn, can train the rest of the company. My days began at 9 and ended at 5-5:30 everyday except for Friday...see I really only remember in detail the events of today. Anywho - I listened intently to the trainer for 4 whole days straight on how to use this new piece of software that I have been using and getting to intimately for the last 4 months. Can we say - redundant. How about "waste of time". Ok, so you get the picture. Let's just say, I had a lot of classtime to keep in touch with friends and family. Now the 5th day - Friday, today we all had an assignment to BE the trainer and deliver a part of the program. My name was pulled out of the hat - woohoo, you would have thought you were winning the lottery, to deliver a demo of "Financial Planning". You would think "Oh that's right up her ally", she loves finances. I do, I do, but not when you have to explain in front of a classroom of people baseline vs. actuals, forecast and variance. Thank god it wasn't taped. I was a tad bit nervous. I tripped over a stupid easel and could hear the stutter in my voice. UGH! That dropped my confidence level down a peg or two. We were critiqued as well on our delivery. I guess I will need to get better at not breaking out in hives or as many.

So, to say the least, I am very thankful this week is over and especially today.

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