Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge!

I am going to attempt to keep up with this one. It should be fun.
Day 1:
Basic Things About Me:
First and foremost I dislike writing about me, it feels so egotistical. But here are the basics:
* My full name at birth: Kirsten Anne Shwaery
* Birthday 8/5 (no I am not telling the year - a women never reveals her age)
* I am married - 16 years - woohoo, never thought I could do anything past two
* I have a teenage daughter - love you baby Kate, she's 15, but she will always be my baby
* Grew up in New England, born in Rhode Island, grew up in New Hampshire. This whole story to come in another post.
* I am 5'10, love this about me. I actually wish I was taller, can you imagine?
* I am slender, but not so much as I get older - everything really does head south - I live in FL too. So that means I have really fat ankles.
* I am funny, witty and smart. That's my humble opinion of myself.
* I am an IT Project Manager - yeah a geek pretty much
* I love confident people like me
* I try not to get sucked into drama - not easy sometimes
* I am very independent and I love my alone time

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Tina said...

I think I might try this challenge. Have been struggling with content on my blog and was ready to give it up for a while.