Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT #6


It's time to get your THOUGHT on - It's Random Thought Tuesday!!

Filled up the candy jar plastic candy bucket at work today.  Let's see how fast that will last.  I put some real good stuff in it this time.  Twix and Mint Patties - YUUUUMY!

If you haven't read my post on Halloween Costume's check it out.  I was hoping everyone would try to guess which costume I bought for Halloween this year.  I promised I would reveal which one it was after 50 comments were made.  For those who read my posts you get to know NOW.  Woot!  Woot!  My costume for 2009 is - Sexy Baseball Girl!  Gotta Love It!  I will take pics and post after the party on Oct. 31st.

I can't wait for my daughter's school pictures to come in.  I keep asking her every day after school, did you get your pictures?  No Mom, not today.  Oooook.  I am going to pout now.

Do you DROP?  I Drop.  If you haven't signed your blog up at EntreCard you should.  It's a great way to network and get your blog seen by others.

It's Employee Appreciation week at work.  That makes me very happy - Why?  Because I can wear jeans all week.  It makes it so much easier to get up in the morning and not have to wander through my closet and stand in front of all my cloths chanting - what do I wear, what do I wear (to the tune of I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a lucky lucky dog) at the same time trying to keep my eyes open to see everything I have to chose from.  I can now pick a pair of jeans and shirt and I am off.  Well maybe not that fast since I have to wash up and do my hair and makeup.  We don't even have to match because each day is a theme and today's theme is Tacky Tuesday - be colorful, mix and not match.  Say Whaaat? Are you asking me to put on something that doesn't match?  That's NOT gonna happen.  I cannot bring myself to not match; and tomorrow is Hat Day, another issue I have.  No one or thing touches my hair.  Yes, I know, I have issues. It's alllll good.

I want a Kindle and I don't want to wait til Christmas - Whaaaaa!

Do you Skype? - Skype is only good if your friends Skype.  I Skype, you Skype, we ALL Skype.  LMAO!

Fasha want's the Titan Peeler - NO! NO! NO! - no more gadgets from TV.  They take your money you get the product, but some how they seem to talk you into all this other crap too.  I cannot begin to name the junk we have laying around the house that we bought from the TV. 

Get your Thought on at the Un-Mom and link up.  Thank you Keely!


Omix4 said...

Hey matchy, matchy. You should have a drawer full of white shirts. Solve your problem, just pull one out. haha

Swoozie said...

Ack! I don't do hats either ~~~~~ and the thought of Tacky Tuesday sends me into convulsions! LMAO! But the jeans sound real good to me.......

Have a fab Tuesday!

CaJoh said...

I'm always looking for new ways to reach out. Thanx for the link to Entrecard.

Tacky Tuesday reminds me of those themes we had during homecoming week. One was prep vs. punk. I decided to be both, so I wore my punk jeans and an Izod shirt.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Wait...where's your EntreCard widget?? I'd drop on you, but don't see it... :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of you in the costume! I tried to leave a comment to 'vote' for which one I thought it was yesterday, but my browser decided I had too many tabs opened and closed down on me. Then I forgot what I was doing when I restored it. :)

I want a Kindle, too - wonder if I could talk hubby into getting me one for Christmas? Or even better, for my birthday - that way I can get it 2 weeks before Christmas...heh, heh!!

Princess Nagger is always reciting those infomercials and telling me we need to buy stuff...I don't think she's seen the Titan Peeler yet, because I haven't yet heard that one. ;)

Happy RTT! :)

PropellerHeadMom said...

We use skype. Since the grandparents like to run off to Florida once the first leaf falls of the tree, they don't see their grandkids that much and enjoy talking to their grandkids on skype. My boys seem to like it too!

Organic Meatbag said...

Twix!! Let me tell you about me and twix...if I could, I would have a Twix morphine drip attached to my arm all day...the peanut butter ones in particular...

**Nicole** said...

I knew there was a reason I loved you ;) I also can't bear not to match!!!! I even did a scrapbook page about it! Haha! I'm also SO not a hat girl! :)

**Nicole** said...

Signed up for EntreCard...but I don't know how to drop cards on others..help! Also signed up for Technorati...so if you want to fav me on there or add my button to your blog that would be fab!!! Right now I have an authority of 0 :( so sad! lol