Friday, October 2, 2009


This is a blurb from last night's JV game where my daughter is was a cheerleader.

I think it was an emotional build up and it just erupted last night.  I believe what put her over the top (along with comments made to her by the coach before the game, like she wasn’t trying hard enough and at other games and practices)  was that the girls were doing a build (for those unfamiliar to cheering, a build is when the girls hold up one girl high in the air) and it looked awesome. The Assistant Coach, aka evil chic came around and did a “Good Job” knuckle punch to all the girls except my Pookie.  I witnessed it!!  I was in shock!!  I even mouthed something to Pookie along the lines of  - "WHAT THE HECK".  Anyway, at half time Pookie and I were walking to get some food and she just dropped her head in my shoulders and just cried.  She was feeling so defeated.  God it broke my heart as well as set off the “mother instinct”.  I think we ALL know what that feels like, the adrenaline is pumped and the heart is pounding.    Well she regained her composure and we continued to get some food when the coach called Pookies’s name, I didn’t even hear it,  we turned around and walked back to the coach and all the coach said – first thing out of her mouth - “Kate what is the MATTER with you”.  I didn’t say anything and let Kate explain how she was giving her all and standing stiff, but the coach cut her off and told Pookie her stance was slumped – THAT WAS NOT THE CASE.  I was watching Kate the entire first half and she was perfect and stiff and did jumps and kicks.  So “I” piped in and said, “that’s bullshit”.  The entire conversation went downhill from there.  Coach said, “don’t swear at me”.  Thought going through my head - For god sakes what did you want me to say, “you lying sack of lard”?  (she weighs something like 180-200 lbs) Is that any better??  Anyway, like I said it went all downhill from there and I completely, entire, with every mother instinct I had - LOST IT!  Yes, I lost all ability to talk coherently and make sense or say anything to put lard butt in her place.  I feel ashamed for my actions, BUT ONLY because I don’t want anything I said to cause repercussions in school for Pookie.  

And Pookie quit the team!

Update as of 11:00AM today.  All is good so far for Pookie!


Megan said...

Poor girl!!! =( That must be so hard to be picked on by the coach like that! Hopefully she'll find something better that interests her now. Glad Mama Bear said something to Lard Butt {LMAO!!}!!

Omix4 said...

I hope all is well with "Pookie". Things happen for a reason, perhaps, it was best to quit.

I could have told the coach not to cross that line.

Sara said...

I believe your reaction was just, and I would say the same thing had you flung poo at her.

That's too bad your daughter had to quit something like that, especially if she really enjoyed herself.

It's also unfortunate when adults who clearly can't stand kids decide that they should work with kids.

And a 200 lb. cheerleading coach? Bitch, please!

**Nicole** said...

Awww!!! Poor pookie, good for her for quitting the team and BOO HISS to mean fat ladies who diss on beautiful 14 year olds!!!

S3XinthePantry said...

stopping by from SITS

It sounds like tension was running high and nothing could have calmed things down.

Sorry that she's off the team if it was something she really enjoyed doing!


Camelle said...

That-a-women K!!! The cheerleading world is brutal and favorites are picked many times on many teams. I cheered for Basketball which is less competitive than Football, but the drama still follows. Bottom line, all coaches- male or female, should know better. They are role models and leader and should act as such.

Good Job!

CaJoh said...

Why does this remind me of the Cheerios coach of Glee…

I hope that she has recovered and perhaps has found other activities that she can participate in that will help build and not defeat her character.