Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Search For All Kirstens

I thought I would start off this blog with something near and dear to my heart - my name, which is K I R S T E N. My mom got it from reading the book "Days of Wine and Roses" by J. P. Miller and I just love it and I enjoy the fact that it is not that common.

Being that it is uncommon it is a hard name to find in print especially on those souvenir racks. I still go searching through the racks and sometimes I end up spotting one with my name it; of course I snatch it up quickly. I have collected a tiny cup, a necklace and a name plate (totally shocked on this one as it was hand crafted and displayed at a craft fair). Still hunting for all things Kirsten!

I know I have already said that I believe my name is uncommon, but uncommon is one thing and just plan stupidity (not sure what else to call it and I don't mean to offend anyone) is another. I have always been amazed at how many times I have been called Kristen and still am. The one that gets me, and I always laugh on the inside, is when I am at the checkout of a high class department store and they have my credit card in hand and before handing it back the look at it and say "thank you Kristen for doing business with . . ." My response is usually, "Thank you, my name is Kirsten". They are always so apologetic, but why not get it right the first time.

So to all the Kirsten's of the world who really dislike being called Kristen, this blog has been dedicated to you as well.

Please take a moment and comment about your worst Kirsten/Kristen experience, or just say Hi. I would love to get to know all of the Kirstens in the world!

You can order the T-shirt and other Kirsten Not Kristen apparel here.


Kirs10 said...


JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ha! Just had to laugh! My grandpa called me Kirsten every day of my life, couldn't seem to get it quite right, but I loved him so.

Fun to stop by for a visit :)


Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Make it a happy day!

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

Laura said...

I had a friend in high school named Kirsten. I know about unique names. Well, I should say that my kids know about unique names. Only 2 in 7 kids can find their name on anything personalized. Nice to meet you!!

Jasmin said...

Hello from SITS. Thank you for your blog comment. Good luck with the new blog!

Kim said...

Okay...first off...how did I not know about this blog and only your other one? I'm now starting from the beginning and going through your posts.

As far as a name story...it's not about my first name (it's waaaay to common that for sure) Kim, it's about our last name...Morrow. When my husband and I were waiting for a flight the attendant called him up to the desk, as we were on standby, and when she did call him she asked for Mr. Moron to come up to the desk. At first we didn't realize that they were calling my husband. Then after a few more times of her calling him up and then watching us we realized that they meant us but were just saying our name wrong. It's pretty easy to pronounce. It's Morrow as it Tomorrow without the to. :)

justicecw said...

I am Christine and the only allowed nickname I have is Chrissy. However people always feel free to call me Christy or Chris ALL THE TIME. I usually don't correct them because it is always people that don't know me well...but it is annoying.

BTW how is your name pronounced? My friend Cara always gets mad when people say her name but prounounce it wrong!

**Nicole** said...

Hi Kirsten!!!!! ;) I knew how to say your name right because my very favorite American Girl Doll was name Kirsten...(well I guess she still is, it's just that I'm grown up so don't play with dolls anymore, lol!) :D So although I myself am not named that...I feel we have a bond..Hehe! :D

Kim said...

I've had two different friends that spelled their name just like yours. But they both said it differently. Once said it like there was no "i" in the name...Krsten. The other said it with the "i" sounding like an "e".

How about you?

MDtripmom said...

I think your name is beautiful and can relate to not finding my name in print, not because it's uncommon but because it has a different spelling. I really like your shirt and I bet all the other Kirstens out in bloggyspace would LOVE one for themselves.

Jauna said...

That shirt is awesome. My name is different and I get called so many things. I really could use a shirt like that.. though I know people would still call me the wrong name.

k.claire.a said...

Hi Kirsten! My name is Kirsten!
Every time I start a new job or start school, it's takes a couple weeks for everyone to figure out how to say my name. Another couple months for people to understand how to spell it correctly. And does it ever happen to you, even when you introduce yourself, and say 'Kirsten' they still manage to call you Kristen??

Love From a Fellow Kirsten.