Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sams Club Counters

When reading the title of this post, you are probably thinking that this is going to be about the checkout counters or the meat counter.  Gotcha - it's got nothing to do with those types of counters.  I am going to rant about the people who "count" your items and compare it to your receipt to make sure you have the items you say you have.  Yeah, that's right - before you can leave Sams Club you have to be counted. WHY?  Did they think you intend to steal something or are they checking up on their checkout help?

So you stand in a long ass line waiting for your turn so they can count the three items you have and along comes an idiot who has 50+ items and shoots right by you; as if he is too good to have his items counted.  No one tries to stop him in any way shape or form.  For all you know he could have stole something, right?  I point him out to the counting clerk, she lets him go.  Ok so she was a little frail thing and he was big and scary. I agree, don't go after him.  But may I suggested you call security. She said, "no they won't do anything about it".  So they just let him go.  What the hell!!!!  I then ask myself, what is the purpose of item counting?!?!

Lingering thought - have they ever come across someone who had more items in their cart than was on their receipt?

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